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Brandon Walker 


Symmes Valley Elementary School

14860 State Route 141

Willow Wood, OH 45696

Phone: (740)643-0022

Fax: (740)643-0033

Symmes Valley Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through grade eight. Its academic curriculum includes English, science, music, art, physical education, reading, writing, social studies and math.
The school maintains a staff of teachers, guidance counselors, speech and language therapists, librarians and intervention specialists. Symmes Valley Elementary School houses a library that features a collection of books, periodicals and reference materials. It encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities, including student council and field trips.
The school organizes various sports activities, such as baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball. It conducts parent-teacher conferences that focus on parental involvement in student education. Located in Willow Wood, Ohio, Symmes Valley Elementary School is a part of the Symmes Valley Local School District, which governs several educational institutions.
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