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My name is Tara Schneider, and as your school counselor, I aim to maximize student success so that all students can recognize and make the best of their abilities! As the school counselor, I take part in building a safe, warm, and nurturing environment for each and every student. 


What Do I Do?

I work collaboratively with ALL students, parents, teachers, and administrators to support students' academic success. I provide individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom lessons to students throughout the year. As a school counselor, I focus on academic, career, and social/personal domains. 

The link below is the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) explanation of a School Counselor's role:


Student Referrals

Students who want to meet with me may drop a slip in my lock box outside my door. This box is checked each morning and afternoon. They may also ask any teacher or staff member to come to my office to see me throughout the day. 

If teachers are concerned about a student, they can email or call to refer.

If a parent has concerns and would like to meet regarding their child, they may call, email, or come by my office during school hours. 


Additional Resources 

  • Smart Social (Social Media assistance website for Parents) 


  • Common Sense Media (Website for helping parents regarding technology and social media) 

  • Self Injury and Recovery research and resources (Resources and information regarding self Harm) 

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