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Symmes Valley High School

14778 State Route 141

Willow Wood, OH 45696

Phone: (740)643-2371

Fax: (740)643-1606

Darrell Humphreys


A Viking is a mighty warrior, courageous, and proud of his past triumphs, and always seeking new challenges in the future. He is willing to assist all who strive for greatness, but will never seek the road to mediocrity or choose comradeship that seeks only selfish ends. A Viking is honest and can be trusted. He will never turn his back to a fellow Viking in need, but will not tolerate the disrespectful.

We are proud to be Vikings. We are proud to associate ourselves with students who strive to excel and are examples of what is right about America's youth. May it be said, "When America looks for leaders, may it look no further than the halls of Symmes Valley"

We are proud to be Vikings!